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St. Sava Orthodox Church maintains the tradition of fellowship at every table – both at the church, and at home. Both church members as well as inquiring guests are cordially invited into the homes of hosting church members during our six-week small group discussion sessions in which Father Photius leads each group in a concise discussion of the topic at hand for the session.

Whether you are an inquiring mind with little to no background in the church, or a lifelong Orthodox Christian, Small Groups offer a chance to have meaningful fellowship in which church members can grow their understanding & grasp of the faith in all regards, and also fellowship in terms of getting to know the church family better in a casual and comfortable setting, open and inviting to guests and members alike.

St. Sava Small Groups are out of session through the end of 2019 and will resume following the New Year, details (location & times) will be published after the conclusion the Nativity Feast.