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St. Sava Choir exists to provide the liturgical music for all of the services at St. Sava Orthodox Church.  We are dedicated to providing music that is beautiful, prayerful, worshipful, and that inspires devotion in the listener.  It is our hope that our singing will aid prayer and enhance our services.  It is only through the Grace of God that we exist, and it is through His Grace and your prayers, that we continue to exist.  May God have mercy on us all!This page was created to inform visitors of activities of the choir, and to provide a gathering place for choir music that is available for download and printing.  Please feel free to use the music that you find here in your services and in your daily lives.  This page will continue to expand and grow, as we add more music.  Come back often!

Hymn of St. Kassiani
Sensing your divinity Lord,
a woman of many sins,
takes it upon herself
to become a myrrh bearer
and in deep mourning
brings before you fragrant oil
in anticipation of your burial; crying:
"Woe to me! What night falls on me,
what dark and moonless madness
of wild-desire, this lust for sin.
Take my spring of tears
You who draw water from the clouds,
bend to me, to the sighing of my heart,
You who bend the heavens
in your secret incarnation,
I will wash your immaculate feet with kisses
and wipe them dry with the locks of my hair;
those very feet whose sound Eve heard
at the dusk in Paradise and hid herself in terror.
Who shall count the multitude of my sins
or the depth of your judgment,
Saviour of my soul?
Do not ignore your handmaiden,
You whose mercy is endless".

Choir Practice

Sundays        8:45 - 9:30 a.m.
Choir members who wish to sing on the Feast Days of the Church are asked to attend as many Saturday and Sunday practices as possible.Those persons desiring to sing with the choir, but who are unable to make this time commitment may attend Sunday practice and sing at the service following.


Holy God (Trisagion) (2:24)

Cherubic Hymn (Cherubikon) (4:02)

The Nicene Creed (2:19)

Our Father (1:07)