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Being a part of a Parish is certainly like being a part of a family. We all participate in the keeping up of our Temple.  We work together, pray together, learn together, and play together; growing together as the Body of Christ.



Orthodox Services express a deep and pervasive sense of joy. This is an expression of our belief in the Resurrection of Christ. In addition to prayers, hymns, and scripture readings, there are a number of ceremonies, gestures, and processions. The Church makes rich use of non verbal symbols to express God‘s presence and our relationship to Him. Orthodoxy Worship involves the whole person; one’s intellect, feelings, and senses.



After every Divine Liturgy, we gather together for a simple meal.  Parishioners take turns hosting the meal and set up, provide food, and clean up on their assigned Sunday.  This is a wonderful time to get to know the other members of our parish family.



It is right that friendships are made through a shared Orthodox faith and common beliefs. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved in the life of the parish and share the joys and trials of living out our faith on a daily basis. We invite you to come worship with us and make a new friend. Click here to join the Friends List.