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Being a part of a Parish is certainly like being a part of a family. We all participate in the keeping up of our Temple.  We work together, pray together, learn together, and play together; growing together as the Body of Christ.




Orthodox Services express a deep and pervasive sense of joy. This is an expression of our belief in the Resurrection of Christ. In addition to prayers, hymns, and scripture readings, there are a number of ceremonies, gestures, and processions. The Church makes rich use of non verbal symbols to express God's presence and our relationship to Him. Orthodoxy Worship involves the whole person; one's intellect, feelings, and senses.



After every Divine Liturgy, we gather together for a simple meal. Parishioners take turns hosting the meal and set up, provide food, and clean up on their assigned Sunday.  This is a wonderful time to get to know the other members of our parish family.