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St. Sava Orthodox Church offers weekly open-to-the-public inquirer's classes for inquiring minds old and new alike; if you've never set foot within church grounds anywhere your entire life, or you are a lifelong member of the church, all are welcome to read, mark and learn in a welcoming and fundamentals-based environment.

Emphasis is placed on fellowship in a personal and comfortable setting where all walks of life are cordially invited to join our clergy in a casual setting to better understand the basics of the Church, church life, and the fundamental underpinnings of our faith, with no expectations or standards set - there are no unwelcome questions here.

If you have missed some of the classes of this series, do not worry! You are welcome to join at any time!

Inquirer's Class Schedule 2021
Wednesdays: 7:15 pm- 8:15 pm (following 6:30 Vespers)