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Afterfeast of the Elevation of the Cross: Why Does God Give Us Talents?

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Scripture Readings

2 Corinthians 6:1-10

Matthew 25:14-30


Have you ever borrowed anything from anyone? Once you had it, did you take care of it, so that it was in the same shape as before you had it? Or did you accidentally break it? Or did you clean it up and fix anything about it that wasn’t quite right so that when you returned it, it was in even better condition than before you had it?

Whether you know it or not, right now you are borrowing a few things from God. Those things are talents, which He has given you! They could be anything: a kind heart, a smart brain, an athletic body, a gift for music, or a great imagination. Like we said, God gives us these things—they all come from Him. But why does He give them to us? He gives them to us so that we can learn how to become more like Him.

In the Gospel reading listed above, our Lord Jesus Christ tells a parable (a short story meant to teach us about different virtues) about a master and three servants. The master is about to go away on a long trip, so he gives each servant large amounts of money, so that they can go buy and trade and make more money for their master. The first two servants do this, but the third servant goes and buries his master’s money in the ground, doing nothing with it. When the master returns, he is happy that the first two servants did as he asked, and he makes them rulers over many things. But he is unhappy with the servant who did nothing with his money, so he kicks him out.

This story teaches us the importance of using the gifts God gives us for Him. Every talent He gives us is an opportunity to grow closer to Him and become the people He would have us become.



Write down three talents that God has given you. How could you develop each of these talents in such a way that they would bring you closer to God?