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Welcome to St Sava Orthodox Church Education

St Sava Orthodox Church offers a variety of casual, sociable and open-door venues through which to meet, learn and understand the people, traditions and faith of the church at your own pace and in a zero-pressure environment where there are no "dumb questions" - these include classes and study groups, supplemented by education material both ongoing and library in format.

Inquirer's ClassOffered twice weekly, this is an introduction to the church as well as an opportunity for members to deepen their knowledge and understanding of all things Orthodox.

Homiliesan audio archive of Father Photius Avant's weekly sermons/homilies given during Divine Liturgy, accessible at your leisure.

Videosan ongoing compilation of Father Photius Avant's video education series in episodic format, covering fundamentals and basics of the Church's History, Doctrine, and Dogma - these series are the focus of Small Group discussion sessions.

Study Toolsreferences and common/traditional suggestions for the life of the Orthodox Christian; books, podcasts and blogs - all a guiding light for the Orthodox Christian in their daily lives.